Wednesday 9 July 2014

Girls gone mild: "Love Me Till Monday"

A collaboration between industry veteran Justin Hardy (A Feast at Midnight) and fresh-faced writer-producers Jack Fishburn and Muireann Price, Love Me Till Monday is one of those low-budget calling cards whose modest achievements are almost entirely double-edged; a film that snuggles up so close to its chosen banal truth - what it is to be just out of university, living at home, and working a shit job for no money - that it more than occasionally lapses into banality itself. The obvious poster quote would be "Girls in Reading", but that show (like Tiny Furniture before it, an even more accurate marker) was powered by Lena Dunham's funny kind of self-aware solipsism. Hardy and crew cast the not unappealing Georgia Maguire in the lead role, only to strand her with nothing to do except count her mother's goldfish, pass the vacuum around the living room, and generally muddle through a procession of functionally written, performed and directed scenes alongside sometimes awkward or embarrassed co-stars. That it even exists - and that it should have obtained this theatrical release - may be a consolation to anybody scraping by at just above the minimum wage, but it really isn't amusing or insightful enough to make anything particularly interesting or transformative of these experiences.

Love Me Till Monday opens in selected cinemas from Friday.

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