Friday 25 July 2014

"Believe" (The Guardian 25/07/14)

Believe **
Dir: David Scheinmann. With: Brian Cox, Natascha McElhone, Toby Stephens. 96 mins. Cert: PG

Just when we thought Man United’s stock couldn’t fall any lower, here’s an often cringeworthy “inspired by true events” supposition that sees the retired Matt Busby (Brian Cox) coaching the blond moppet who stole his wallet to Under-12s glory. Early 80s pointers (Musical Youth, the miners’ strike) are trowelled onto an insistently formulaic plot: the schools cup final coincides with not just a major exam but Busby’s birthday to boot. Cox’s guardedly avuncular turn might have sustained a more rigorous endeavour, but the attempt to evoke the trauma of the Munich air disaster is rendered wholly insupportable by the trifling hooey around it. 

Believe opens in selected cinemas, and is available on demand, from today.

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