Saturday 31 December 2022

My Top 20 Films of 2022

1. Memoria [above]
You couldn't pitch it: Tilda Swinton chases sounds around Colombia. You could only float it, as you would a spell or a wavelength, in the hope it would eventually reach open and receptive ears. Once in, it recalibrates the senses, and your understanding of what great cinema can do, in a way nothing else released this year (no, not even the much-trumpeted Avatar 2) managed. And after a while, after it's pinballed around inside your head for the better part of a year, you realise what it's really getting at. The mystery isn't that this one woman hears this one sound every now and again. The real mystery is why everybody isn't hearing all of the sounds all of the time.

My Top 50 TV shows of 2022 will be published here tomorrow.


  1. Nice one, Mike. I saw precisely one of these in their finished form. I'll look at Memoria.

    1. Marvellous - hope you find it as stimulating as I did!