Saturday 30 March 2013

"The Expatriate" (The Guardian 29/03/13)

The Expatriate (15) 100 mins **

With Bourne beyond reach, the movies begin targeting those lower-bar Liam Neeson vehicles that emerged in its wake. This semi-efficient, Belgian-set timewaster fuses Taken with Unknown, and almost works. Aaron Eckhart is typically brisk as a security expert forced on the run after being declared persona non grata; set against Taken’s Maggie Grace, Liana Liberato (Trust) is practically a Rhodes Scholar in the delinquent daughter role. Sadly, the script remains reconstituted pulp, prompting familiar footchases through metro stations, and Olga Kurylenko scarcely convinces as a CIA chief. It doesn’t entirely insult the intelligence, but often leans towards the indifferent. 

The Expatriate opens in selected cinemas from Friday, ahead of its DVD release on April 8.

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