Friday 22 March 2013

"I, Superbiker: The Day of Reckoning" (Guardian 22/03/13)

I, Superbiker: The Day of Reckoning (12A) 99 mins **

The third in a formerly DVD-bound series of petrolhead docs, being slipped into cinemas with an eye to boosting the British Superbike Championship’s media profile. Murray Walker narrates this 2012 season review, which – deprived of the life-and-death hook of 2011’s surprise hit Closer to the Edge – often resembles a fan video for a sport that remains resolutely blokey and unsexy. Cursory footage of men piloting their steeds around drizzly lengths of track is interspersed with leering shots of pit-girl derrieres and uninspiring rider profiles in which everyone is very careful to mention their sponsors. 

I, Superbiker: The Day of Reckoning screens in selected cinemas this Monday.

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