Friday 16 November 2012

"Up There" (Metro 16/11/12)

Up There (15) 80 mins **

This low-budget supernatural bromance – about a pair of mismatched celestial functionaries (Burn Gorman and Aymen Hamdouchi) who’ve been grounded somewhere in Scotland until they can make the numbers in heaven add up – comes to inhabit its own purgatory: it’s aiming for funny, charming and poignant, but ends up grey, laboured and nondescript. Writer-director Zam Salim developed it from his short Laid Off, and it shows. Eight minutes might have been enough for Salim to get his best material together; at eighty, Up There feels stretched indeed, with only crisp, widescreen-filling images from cinematographer Ole Birkeland (The Arbor) and the odd funny-faced supporting player to compensate for its yawning stretches of dead time.

Up There opens in selected cinemas from today.

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