Saturday 3 November 2012

"Fun Size" (Guardian 02/11/12)

Fun Size (12A) 90 mins *

Someday, all US cinema may come to look like this: indifferently shot random events happening to semi-recognisable TV faces. In the case of this smarmily opportunistic Adventures in Babysitting throwback, it’s a lip-glossed student (Victoria Justice, this season’s Rachael Leigh Cook) obliged to track down her errant kid brother one ker-ay-zee Halloween. Precisely who it’s aimed at is anybody’s guess: it’s preceded by the video for Carly Rae Jepsen’s difficult third single, yet persists with smart-arsed, tween-baffling non-jokes about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mammograms and Alexander Hamilton. As ever, “fun size” translates to “no fun whatsoever”. 

Fun Size is in cinemas nationwide.


  1. I'm probably not going to give this a go now, but I was very charmed by the trailer and the comic timing of the redhead. Also had a chuckle at that humping joke towards the end. Maybe I'm a tween at heart.

    1. Just as Emma Stone was the insurance industry's ready-made replacement for the Lohan, so too Jane Levy would appear Hollywood's replacement for Emma Stone. Her talents are far better showcased on TV's "Suburgatory", if truth be told...