Saturday 29 August 2015

"Hitting the Apex" (Guardian 28/08/15)

Hitting the Apex **

Dir: Mark Neale. With: Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Casey Stoner, the voice of Brad Pitt. 132 mins. Cert: 12A
Beneath the leather and diesel, a heavy whiff of A-lister indulgence comes off this Brad Pitt-produced doc profiling the young generation of bikers who’ve dethroned reigning Moto GP champ Valentino Rossi. Director Mark Neale ekes out traces of personality – the goofy Marco Simoncelli is such a vital pitlane presence that events at the 2011 Malaysian GP catch everyone out – but any drama is limited to the track: its grip depends entirely upon your interest in watching men leaning at high speed. A lax edit offers diehards two-plus hours of that, but nobody’s likely to mistake Pitt’s narration (“Crashing hurts… it wrecks your bike”) for expert analysis. 

Hitting the Apex screens in cinemas nationwide for one night only, followed by a Q&A, on Wednesday 2, ahead of its DVD release on Monday 7.  

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