Friday 13 June 2014

"The Hooligan Factory" (The Guardian 13/06/14)

The Hooligan Factory **
Dir: Nick Nevern. With: Jason Maza, Nick Nevern, Tom Burke. 90 mins. Cert: 15

This slaphappy ladsploitation spoof opens with a low-end sort of coup, killing off yer actual Danny Dyer while revisiting the overworked Rettendon Range Rover murders, but thereafter offers comedy mostly indistinguishable from the limp business passed off seriously elsewhere: writer-director-star Nick Nevern is playing to the home crowd, and regular visits to the Massive Tits Strip Club underline how the jokes only replay the usual chauvinism. I snickered from sheer recognition at the first overpopulated ruckus on a tiny footbridge, and there’s a Reg Hollis cameo, but that probably isn’t enough to merit rescuing it from the 24-hour garage bargain bin. 

The Hooligan Factory opens today in selected cinemas.

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