Sunday 16 February 2014

"Endless Love" (The Guardian 14/02/14)

Endless Love **
Dir: Shana Feste. With: Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood. 103 min. Cert: 12A

Scott Spencer’s 1979 novel first inspired a downbeat Brooke Shields vehicle, remembered solely for its sappy Lionel Richie/Diana Ross title song; it’s now been redressed by Gossip Girl’s producers as a glossy, Nicholas Sparks-ish wallow. Scruffy, bum-chinned plank Alex Pettyfer is its improbably noble blue-collar dreamboat; Gabriella Wilde the uptown girl he woos, to her overprotective pop’s chagrin. A certain doofy sincerity – all fairylights and lakeside kisses – and Wilde’s nervy, natural responses keep matters semi-watchable. As a romance, though, it’s literally by-the-book, poring at needless length over pages liberally flecked with bullshit, and thereby giving another generation of sleepover guests some very skewed ideas about their male contemporaries.

Endless Love is in cinemas nationwide.

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