Friday 6 December 2013

"Homefront" (The Guardian 06/12/13)

Homefront (15) 100 mins ***

The success of The Expendables has apparently encouraged Sylvester Stallone to resume the (underrated) screenwriting career he launched with Rocky. Here, Sly’s fashioned a role for Jason Statham that he might once have taken himself: that of Phil Broker, a retired DEA agent whose quiet life in rural Louisiana comes under threat from expansionist methheads. If it’s initially distracting that these tweakers are played by slumming Ivy Leaguers (James Franco, Kate Bosworth), director Gary Fleder – a dab hand with knotty, workable pulp (Kiss the Girls, Runaway Jury) – proves admirably patient in revealing character and place, and it helps that those laying siege to our hero’s self-timbered abode never quite react in the way expected of goons in a Jason Statham movie. Back on comfortable terrain after Hummingbird’s ambitious misstep, the star has some nice, relaxed moments with onscreen daughter Izabela Vidovic, and gets to fulfil half his audience’s fantasies in wiping the smirk from James Franco’s face.

Homefront opens in cinemas nationwide today.

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