Friday 22 November 2013

"Vendetta" (Metro 22/11/13)

Vendetta (18) **

By the lowly standards of the Danny Dyer CV, this revenge thriller is semi-ambitious and actually partway watchable, boasting enough conviction to strongarm us past its plotholes, and a central turn that suggests its star isn’t solely knocking about for the paycheque: for one thing, our Dan’s pwoper bulked up to play the rogue Special Op whose pursuit of the ne’er-do-wells behind his parents’ murders sparks a national security crisis. Writer-director Stephen Reynolds makes some effort to interrogate this vigilante’s methods – pity he isn’t above the usual leering business in lapdancing clubs, a slapdash attempt to pass off this very newspaper as “London Today”, or a wildly silly, sequel-chasing finale, which repositions Dyer as Canning Town’s answer to the Dark Knight, and does its best to undermine the crude yet vaguely effective work elsewhere. Still better than Run for Your Wife, if that’s saying anything.

Vendetta opens in selected cinemas from today.

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