Friday 27 September 2013

"Girl Most Likely" (The Guardian 27/09/13)

Girl Most Likely (12A) 103 mins **

Gulp: Kristen Wiig’s post-Bridesmaids honeymoon may be over. This wobbly romdram/noncom strays into Anistonland, packing the star’s struggling writer off to her dysfunctional family’s New Jersey home, where the rustle of producers’ notes and test-screening cards gradually drowns out anything amusing; pity no-one scribbled down “ditch the mirthless panto with crab costumes”, or “find a less glaringly makeshift ending”. Odd zingers and residual eccentricities (a Whit Stillman cameo, anyone?) stand as traces of the blast it might have been, but this cast surely signed on in anticipation of many more laughs than there are in the final cut. 

Girl Most Likely is in cinemas nationwide.

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