Thursday 17 October 2013

"Baggage Claim" (Metro 11/10/13)

Baggage Claim (12A) **

So, while Robin Thicke was away cavorting with semi-clad supermodels on the “Blurred Lines” set, this is what wife Paula Patton was stuck doing: a honkingly silly romcom about a flight attendant forced to get back on the dating carousel after her ideal man is exposed as a bounder. Could The Actual One be dependable neighbour Derek Luke, helpfully named Mr. Wright for slower viewers? Surprises will come to be outnumbered by cringes, as the not unappealing Patton finds herself shortsold by a director (the overreaching David E. Talbert, adapting his own book) content to peddle soft-focus images and sappy music cues ahead of – yes! – a last-reel dash to the airport. Paula: your other half got the better deal.

Baggage Claim is in cinemas nationwide.

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