Sunday, 18 October 2015

"North v South" (Guardian 16/10/15)

North v South **
Dir: Steve Nesbit. With: Steven Berkoff, Bernard Hill, Keith Allen, Freema Agyeman. 96 mins. Cert: 18

This week’s geezerfest has a semi-interesting premise – dividing up a bizarro Britain along Romeo and Juliet lines, as blossoming young love threatens the tenuous truce between regional heavies – but no sense of how to develop it. Instead, variably grizzled types (Bernard Hill and Freema Agyeman repping the North; Steven Berkoff and Keith Allen the South) sit around picking their teeth and casually lobbing C-bombs at one another, while a florid Elliot Tittensor voiceover strives to assure us the stakes are being raised. With writer-director Steve Nesbit preoccupied with delaying his under-budgeted action, an odd listlessness takes over: you just want Danny Dyer to stroll on and tell everyone to stop poncing about.

North v South is now showing in selected cinemas. 

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