Friday, 6 September 2013

"Jadoo" (The Guardian 06/09/13)

Jadoo (12A) 89 mins **

The multicultural foodie flick is becoming a staple at the lower-budget end of the British industry: where April’s Papadopoulos & Sons had Greeks reviving North London chipshops, this enlists almost every Anglo-Asian actor working for its tale of estranged brothers running rival Leicester curry houses. Amit Gupta, pursuing the centre ground after 2011’s Resistance, lays on tasty catering and performances, but his script’s too busy being good-natured to be funny or dramatic: the King of Curries showdown proves less explosive than the average Ready, Steady, Cook, while the lavish wedding we’re expecting never materialises. Not bad, just terribly mild.

Jadoo is in selected cinemas from today.

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