Saturday, 4 July 2015

"Comet" (Guardian 03/07/15)

Comet *

Dir: Sam Esmail. With: Justin Long, Emmy Rossum, Kayla Servi, Eric Winter. 91 mins. Cert: 15
A sense of laborious, futile strain comes off this phoney-baloney indie, which looks and sounds very much like an attempt to fashion a more amenable (and thereby saleable) version of Shane Carruth’s puzzle pictures. Nerdy LA guy (Justin Long) meets kooky Deschanel type (Emmy Rossum) amid a meteor shower that cues cutaways to this relationship’s progression across parallel universes; out of this rip in the space-time continuum, there tumbles a lot of gabbily self-conscious dialogue, and characters who – wherever they are, whatever they’re doing – remain stubbornly monodimensional. Ninety minutes in a branch of Comet would throw up greater insight into the human condition. 

Comet is now playing in selected cinemas.

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