Saturday, 11 July 2015

"100 Bloody Acres" (Guardian 10/07/15)

100 Bloody Acres **

Dirs: Colin Cairns, Cameron Cairns. With: Oliver Ackland, Damon Herriman, Anna McGahan, Angus Sampson. 91 mins. Cert: 15
It’s taken three years for this negligible Aussie splatterfest to get its one-weekend-only release; you wonder why anybody thought to rescue it. A tale of squabbling hitchhikers who take a wrong turn en route to a backwoods music festival, it abandons suspense or intensity early on in favour of facile sniggering, setting its body-mangling to 70s easy listening and ushering on the Insidious series’ comedy ghostbuster Angus Sampson as a murderous organic farmer. Watched under the influence, you could conceivably find yourself tittering along; viewed sober, it’s another from that sinkhole of horror fodder staffed by unappealing characters making mostly illogical choices. 

100 Bloody Acres is now playing in selected cinemas, ahead of its DVD release on Monday.

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