Friday 3 January 2014

"Last Vegas" (The Guardian 03/01/14)

Last Vegas (12A) 105 mins **

This greyer Hangover throws up images that fall somewhere between the emblematic and the mildly depressing: Michael Douglas squiring a woman three decades his junior, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman prowling the Strip to the sounds of Rizzle Kicks, Robert de Niro in Crocs. While these four are guying each other, Jon Turteltaub’s comedy proves genial enough, even gentlemanly in its circling of local chanteuse Mary Steenburgen. It’s when Last Vegas attempts something more raucous that it takes a tumble: as onscreen noses are wrinkled at the one bikini-clad partygoer approaching the leads’ advanced years, one starts to feel the toes curl, or possibly empathetic rigor mortis setting in.
Last Vegas opens today in cinemas nationwide.

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