Friday 17 January 2014

"Devil's Due" (The Guardian 17/01/14)

Devil’s Due (15) 89 mins **

The collective of horror tinkerers known as Radio Silence (V/H/S) deploy the found-footage gimmick better than anyone, but the trouble with their wobblycam Rosemary’s Baby isn’t how but what we’re watching. Until all hell breaks loose, we’re left to observe the sort of gushy Everycouple whose posts you hasten past on Facebook, and the ominous deviations from this norm – the priest coughing up blood with his scripture, the crib sourced from Boden’s Baby Beelzebub line – prove silly indeed. It’s as substantial as seeing The Exorcist redone on Snapchat – and let’s not even consider the implication of casting black and Latino performers as Satan’s minions, because clearly its makers haven’t. 

Devil's Due is in cinemas nationwide.

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