Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"The Best Man Holiday" (The Guardian 29/11/13)

The Best Man Holiday (15) 123 mins **

1999’s so-so The Best Man, directed by Spike Lee’s milder-mannered cousin Malcolm, begat that turn-of-the-millennium “buppie” (black yuppie) cycle. This tardy festive reunion is so utterly detached from ground-level realities that it transcends the aspirational to alight upon semi-alien lifeforms. Can we Brits identify with Morris Chestnut’s multi-millionaire running back? Emmy-laden TV exec Nia Long? A passing Real Housewife? All smartphone-reliant farce and slick R ‘n’ B tunes, it’s a genially soapy timekiller, though Lee’s as shameless in invoking cancer as he is about the catfights and smacktalk. Quoth said Housewife: “I didn’t swallow dick for tips, you dirty skank!” And a merry Christmas to you too, dear.

The Best Man Holiday is in cinemas nationwide.

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