Friday 28 June 2013

"Hummingbird" (Metro 28/06/13)

Hummingbird (15) 100 mins **

Give Jason Statham points for ambition: the hardnut’s latest, being the directorial debut of Dirty Pretty Things scribe Steven Knight, tries to work the expected fisticuffs into a socially-minded thriller. Statham and Knight can do a lot with stillness and silence, so it’s a pity the plot’s a trying nonsense about Joey, a homeless ex-Special Ops veteran who reinvents himself after breaking into a swanky Soho pad; “Crazy Joe” uses Triad money to feed the hungry, tears after Evil Bankers, and eventually turns the head of a Polish nun. “This is a very strange thing to be doing,” says the latter, perhaps channelling Our Jase’s agent. It’s a lively mess, at least, barely pausing to waste Vicky McClure as Joey’s ex and to have Statham tormented by CG hummingbirds (they’re symbolic), but action fans are surely going to want fewer bleeding hearts and many more kicked asses.

Hummingbird is in cinemas nationwide.

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