Friday 21 June 2013

"Black Rock" (The Guardian 21/06/13)

Black Rock (15) 80 mins ***

This unusual, mumblecore-derived thriller whittles a boilerplate genre scenario into a strikingly bleak vision of male-female relations. Three twentysomething women, sundered by bloke-related squabbles, sail to a remote island for bonding larks, only to be spooked by a trio of men bearing big guns and grudges. Some running around in the woods follows, but – both narratively and psychologically – it’s clear how everybody got here, and there’s something resonant in the way the camps are reduced to vengeful Adams and naked, shivering, stick-sharpening Eves. Slender, but committed: even Kate Bosworth, as the girls’ team leader, foreswears her usual lipgloss. 

Black Rock opens in selected cinemas from today.

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