Friday 9 November 2012

"People Like Us" (Guardian 09/11/12)

People Like Us (12A) 115 mins *

This glib tosh must be Transformers scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s idea of heartfelt grown-up work: a baggage-freighted, quasi-incestuous “dramedy” about a corporate fraudster (Chris Pine, smirking) learning about responsibility via the single mom (Elizabeth Banks, miscast) his late record producer father abandoned. Banks’s discreet tattoos convince as much as Pine’s encomiums to The Clash, and Kurtzman-Orci have a funny idea of what we might identify with: the film’s irrelevant to anyone who doesn’t have severe daddy issues pertaining to the man who discovered Kajagoogoo. Nothing Like Us would have been more accurate. 

People Like Us opens in cinemas nationwide today.

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