Friday 22 August 2014

"Lucy" (The Guardian 22/08/14)

Lucy **
Dir: Luc Besson. With: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik. 89 mins. Cert: 15

Luc Besson’s new product rehashes 2011’s Limitless with guns, cleavage and Malick-y pretensions, casting Scarlett Johansson as a moll-turned-mule transformed by her wonderdrug cargo into a high-functioning badass capable of taking down every last gangster in Asia. Struggling to metabolise concept into playable character, this Scarlett makes an oddly dull and glassy-eyed subject, as you’d be after regular doses of Morgan Freeman exposition; “exciting” shots of nature are therefore spliced in, so artlessly as to suggest projection error. Its sputtering eccentricity is preferable to the flatly insistent chauvinism of those shoot-‘em-ups its maker has been subcontracting to others, at least: it’s Besson’s most enjoyable bad movie in ages.

Lucy opens in cinemas nationwide today.

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