Friday, 22 November 2013

"Killing Oswald" (The Guardian 22/11/13)

Killing Oswald (uncertificated) 102 mins **

The week’s other item of JFK ephemera is a decidedly special-interest doc that strays into conspiracy theory in trying to unpick Lee Harvey Oswald’s backstory: a complex, still-murky tangle of links with the FBI, CIA and Cuban dissident groups. Director Shane O’Sullivan ventures some scholarly digging into the archives, emerging with the striking, tableau-like telecast footage of Oswald’s assassination by Jack Ruby, yet his editorial line proves generally prosaic and unimaginative, reliant on authors rehashing arguments already proposed elsewhere and stiff reconstructions that only bury Oswald as an ongoing person of interest. 

Killing Oswald opens in selected cinemas from today.

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